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HYFC looks to set up PAN-Disability Team

HYFC looks to set up PAN-Disability Team

Kevin Johnson Vice Chairman23 Feb - 06:00
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Coaches and players for PD team wanted!

We want to broaden our offer to as many people in the local community as possible
- Nick Cuthbert

In partnership with our friends at Risborough Rangers Junior Football Club, other local clubs and Berkshire and Buckinghamshire FA, we are looking at the possibility of starting a local PAN-Disability (PD) football group for players aged 6-11 (U12).

PD teams allow players with a broad spectrum of impairments and health conditions to play together.

There are now over 2,000 affiliated disability teams across England, providing an environment in which players can play competitively on a regular basis. There is a network of over 40 localised PD leagues.

Haddenham Youth Football Club is committed to developing an inclusive, family friendly club that is open to all players, regardless of ability to play or pay.This season we have added a fourth Girls team (U10s), alongside mixed and boys youth groups, Ladies and Walking (45+) sides. We hope to launch a fifth Girls' team next season.

Risborough Rangers Juniors previously ran a PD group but was sadly disbanded when the coach left and a successor was not immediately available.

Along with partner clubs, we are looking to assess:

Disability consideration(s)
Parent/carer willing to be involved (in any capacity).

Please email us with answers to these questions: .

The sheer enjoyment of playing 'the beautiful game' offers major benefits to PD players, their parents and carers.

Advantages include greater social interaction, confidence building, physical activity, exercise, fitness and co-ordination, improved communications skills, learning and stimulation, team participation and, above all, a lot of fun!

It also provides an opportunity for parents and carers to discuss common issues and, whilst watching their children play, gain an extra hour or so of welcome respite.

A PD team offers the opportunity of playing football to boys and girls aged 6-11 who have a wide range of disabilities and who would not be able to play mainstream football.

PD includes children with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), ADHD, Down's Syndrome, hearing and/or sight impairment, dyspraxia, having prostheses, are non-verbal, Tourette's syndrome, dwarfism (restricted growth) and delayed development.

They are children with learning, behavioural or neurological disabilities and many can have more than one disability.

Unfortunately, it does not include young people who are blind or in a wheelchair for whom there are separate organisations providing access to the game.

We anticipate there being outdoor training sessions on Saturday mornings, possibly lasting 1-1.5 hours depending on numbers and the range of ages and disabilities.

Venues are being assessed but locations may include HYFC pitches.

Club Chairman Alex Wagstaff along with Nick Cuthbert (Football Development) is leading the initiative for HYFC, working with Jeff Galatin at RRJFC and other local club officials.

Once established, we would enter teams into the BOBI League (Berks, Oxon and Bucks Inclusive League) which holds seven tournaments every year, usually at the Oxford City ground.

If you would like to help establish and coach the team or have children who would benefit from it, please let us know:

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